TriV Scratch Hackathon Activity Page

Welcome to The TriValley CoderDojo Scratch Hackathon

Network Connectivity:  Zoholics


Theme: Educate! What can you teach about a topic or collection of facts?

Event Rules and Tips:

Goal: Learn and have fun!
Everyone needs to participate in all parts of the event
Teams will work in pairs unless there is an odd person without a partner
Remember to “Be Cool” and help each other out
Be considerate of others and cooperate with team members and mentors
Focus on getting a working game first, then add-ons
Completely read the self-evaluation form first!
No remixing (copying other programs). Create your own original!
Have your checklist verified by a mentor and volunteer, and you can ask other groups for help checking before asking a mentor
Minus 1 pt if a mentor finds you checked something you didn’t do
On the sheet write the names of team members and name of project
Coders must be able to understand and explain all the code in their program for the code to count
Team uploads one program to the studio, using the same login
Teams must present to multiple audience groups

Spend 10 minutes discussing and writing out what you want to do (added features)
The more items completed on the sheet the higher the points;
When you get stuck, you can look at the gallery for ideas, ask other teams, or mentors
Parents help by becoming audience members during presentation section
Try to challenge yourselves to do more and add more features, be creative!
Novices: The tutorial should only be a starting point
Novices: First try to figure out the code on your own and come up with your own ideas for changes or take some ideas from our challenge list

Upload Logins

Scratch User ID: TriVTeam#

Password: 052717triv


8:30 am – 9 am registration (all ages). We start promptly at 9 AM.
5-9 yrs old who cannot go a full day can check in later as below. The more time you give them the easier it will be for them. Coders can take more breaks as needed.
9:00 – 9:45 am announcements/admin
9:45 am – 12 pm coding and AM break
11:30 am – 12 pm registration (5-9 yo who cannot make a full day)
12 – 1 pm Lunch (coding and eating)
1 pm – 2:30 pm coding and PM break  (UPLOAD at 2:30!)
2:30 pm – 4 pm general presentations and self-evaluation verification/scoring
4 pm – 5:30 pm top ranked presentations & awards (We have lots of prizes to give out!)

Base Activity:

If you are 10 years old and above and NOT a novice, try to come up with your own program activity and use your imagination!

Create a “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Quiz Game:


Example basic template

Sample variations:

Uploading to the May 27, 2017 TriV Scratch Hackathon

  • Open your project
  • Make sure you have shared your project
  • At the bottom of your project under the stage screen, look for the Studios button
  • Click the Studios button
  • Under the Studios button a list of the studios you belong to should be shown with grey checkmarks
  • Double-click the grey checkmark for the TriV Scratch Hackathon Practice studio
  • The checkmark should turn green
  • Open the TriV Scratch Hackathon Practice studio
  • Verify that you can see your game in the studio

Backpack Feature Tutorial

This feature allows you to divide programming tasks between members of your team and then allows them to copy the code into one program when you’re ready to put it together.

Challenge Ideas: