Session Activities: Web/App Design

Web/App Design Tutorials

This page is a collection of links for design activities including Screen mockup/drawing software, interactive prototype tools, and graphics design

Drawing/Screen Mockups

Inkscape – use Inkscape’s many tools to create sophisticated drawings and effects. Export your drawings as scalable vector graphics that can be used in web pages, games, and more.  You can follow this link in a browser in a different window from your Inkscape or use the tutorials under the Help menu option within Inkscape itself.

Website Design with Inkscape – a tutorial for creating screen mockups of a basic website.

App Prototype Tools

Invision – use Invision’s online software to import and link your screen mockup designs together to make an interactive prototype of your web or app design!

Invision basic tutorial for linking pages – use this tutorial for a quick intro for linking pages together in Invision


Fluid UI


Learn About Graphic Design

Canva – create an account and then begin learning how you can use color, font, texture, contrast and more in your graphics


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