Session Activities: Web Development


Web Development (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

**Free Code Campwe recommend starting with Free Code Camp which helps us learn how to go from step 0 and all the way to building your own websites.  To use FreeCodeCamp you must create a login so your progress may be saved.


Other Resources for Web Tutorials:
TriV Github Beginner Web activities: first create a CodePen user account, then open this github link in a separate browser tab or window.
PairUpToCode Exercises – HTML/CSS/Javascript programming exercises that programmers can pair up to solve.  Slides are provided to help provide instructional information to solve the problems.
CodeAcademy – online self-guided tutorials in HTML, CSS, Javascript and more that are appealing to older students
CodeCombat – an online game to learn javascript
CodeSchool – courses on HTML/CSS and Javascript and other topics




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