Session Activities: Drag-and-Drop Programming

Drag and Drop Programming

These activities are a great place to start if you’re a beginner programmer and want to use a drag and drop interface for programming.

If you don’t have much programming or want to better understand and review some programming concepts, start with Code.Org’s Studio where you can learn how to program in Blockly.  If you’ve used Scratch before, Blockly is very similar and you will be able to use what you’ve learned in Blockly with Scratch.

Once you’ve done the the courses in’s Studio, you can move on to Scratch and more quickly advance into making more complex games!

Novices: Start here at this link:

After you’ve tried Studio’s blockly courses 1-4, move on to Scratch!

Scratch Hackathon Practice Projects:

If you missed one of the Scratch Hackathon practice sessions, you can try the projects you missed at the links below. The challenge for each session is the finish the base tutorial and then add as many of your own modifications to the program as you can.

  1. Session #1: Pong Game – on the Scratch website, once you’ve clicked Create in the top menu bar, click on the ? question mark in the upper right hand corner to access the tutorials. The Pong game tutorial is the project for this session.
  2. Session #2: Catch Game – on the Scratch website, once you’ve clicked Create in the top menu bar, click on the ? question mark in the upper right hand corner to access the tutorials. The Catch game tutorial is the project for this session.
  3. Session #3: Frogger Game –
  4. Session #4: Maze Game – (video tutorial)
  5. Session #5: Guessing game for novice/beginners and tic tac toe for intermediate/advanced
    Scratch guessing game tutorial:
    Scratch tic tac toe tutorial:
  6. Session #6: Snake Game – two levels
    Basic snake game tutorial:
  7. Session #7: Whac-A-Mole game:

Scratch Activities

If you finish your activity before the end of the session, you can try another! 

Create a Scratch Account

  1. Visit in your browser.
  2. Open the links below in a separate tab or window in your browser, and switch between tabs to follow the tutorials.

Scratch Jr. on iPad – Ages 5-7

Scratch Jr. iPad app, Visit this link to download the app to your iPad
Scratch Jr. Tutorials, Start here to learn how to do new things in Scratch Jr.

New to Scratch?  Novice: Start here if you’ve never used Scratch before

1) Able Cards and Videos – start here to access step-by-step videos to learn all about Scratch!  You can see the list of 17 Able cards on the right hand side of the page.

2) Hour of Code activities – start here to become familiar with the interface

3) Catch Game** – progress to this game to learn more about the interface and different type of blocks

Scratch Cards!   Start here if you want to explore on your own and know how to get around.

1) Scratch Cards – mix and match functions to start exploring on your own after doing the Catch Game activity above to familiarize yourself with the Scratch interface.
2) Scratch Task Cards – features and tutorial videos for Scratch games and animations, including repeating actions, keeping score, bouncing, speaking/thinking, and more!
3) Movement Activity Cards – if you’re ready for something a bit more complex, check out these cards that show grasshopper movements or how to have a sprite throw a ball

Early Beginners

For the links below, click the View Raw link on the next screen and save the document to your computer, then open it in a separate window

1) Dance Animation**

2) Felix and Herbert**

3) Fireworks**

Intermediate/Advanced Beginners

1) Frogger game

2) Space Invaders Game Handout**

3) Debug Activities

4) Invent with Scratch games – this website has many Scratch tutorials from beginner to more advanced, so if you’ve already tried all the other activities, look at this website and try one of the more complex games here.

** To see example solutions to starred Scratch activities click here.

Seattle CoderDojo projects: novice, beginner, intermediate, and advanced:

Mastered All of The Above Activities?

1) Visit the Scratch Wiki for more project ideas with descriptions and examples of different types of games and animations

2) Create your own game or project or find a Scratch game you think is cool from the Scratch website featured projects and studio gallery and reverse engineer a project.

3) Or visit the ScratchEd website resources page and on the bottom left of the page, try a project listed under your grade level.

4) Are you familiar with all these programming concepts that you can do in Scratch?  Take the challenge!  Have you used each one of these in your creations?  Do you understand what they do?



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