Session Activities: Autodesk 3D Modeling Badges



3D Object Fun with Tinkercad and 360 Fusion

If you finish your tutorial, you can earn a Credly badge and sticker! Call a mentor to review your final project and they will notify organizers for your badge.

You don’t have to finish within the session if you’d like to take longer to explore and have fun creating!  You can finish at home or at another session and get your badge and sticker later.

Email in advance of when you think you’ll be ready, so we can have what we need on hand.

Share whatever you have been working on this session with our other members!  Even if you haven’t finished yet, we’d love to see your work in progress.

Badge Tutorials – level of challenge increases at each level


  1. Start Here if you haven’t used Tinkercad before: Basic Tutorials
  2. Tinkercad Badge – make 3D structures and export to Minecraft (no prior experience or knowledge required)
  3. Tinkercoding Badge – make 3D objects using javascript (basic javascript knowledge is helpful)
  4. 360 Fusion – requires that 360 Fusion software be downloaded and installed first (high schoolers and advanced middle school)

If you start one tutorial and find that you would like to switch to an easier or more challenging tutorial, feel free to click on another one.

Sharing Your 3D Project

Tinkercad: Tagging Your Project

  1. Sign-in to your Tinkercad account
  2. Design an thing  or choose from one in the gallery by selecting copy and tinker
  3. Your design will come with an auto-generated funny name
  4. You will need to re-save your design with a new title that includes #trivalleycoderdojo at the end of the title
  5. Click on the gear icon next to your funny design name
  6. Hover over the icon, it will say “Actions”, and under that will be “Edit Thing Properties”
  7. Change the visibility to “Public”
  8. Save your changes

360 Fusion: Screen Shots

  1. Take a screen shot of your project.  There is often a print screen (prtsc) button on your computer.  Ask a mentor if you need assistance.
  2. Email your screen shot to

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