Session Activities

TriV Multi-topic Session Activities


  1. #1 Rule: Be Cool – that means treating others with respect and helping each other out
  2. Ask 3 Before Me – ask coders to help you out on either side of you, at your table, at the next table, and if all of you can’t figure it out, then try a mentor and share what you have learned with the people you asked for help so they can learn to.
  3. “If you didn’t make it, don’t play it” while you’re at the dojo.
  4. Mentors facilitate – that means they help you with next steps, not answers.  They help you to learn how to solve problems better.  That’s cool!
  5. This is a club!  We’re not a classroom! Move around, ask others about what they’re doing, and have fun!
  6. Let your parents know if you need to leave the room.
  7. Help keep the snack area clean and remember to throw away your trash.

“If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Session Topics

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