Follow Along

This page lists links to session tutorials we’ve done previously at TriV CoderDojo.  At the moment, we have been working on Scratch by MIT, but we will be branching out to more areas in the future.

Who might find these useful?

  • Members that are new to TriV or are new to the current topic and would like to quickly become familiar with the subject area and follow along with what you’ve missed
  • Members who could not make a session and would like to complete the project independently at home that they missed (session number and date is indicated besides each link)
  • Friends that you would like to invite to join our TriV CoderDojo and would like them to come up to where we are at, or
  • Members who would like to share what their students have been doing with family and friends and let any of them follow along or try their hand at it.

Visitors don’t have to become a member of TriV to learn to program and you are welcome to use our resources; however it is so much more fun to do programming in the company of friends!  So, you can join a CoderDojo near you, or if you’d like to join us in our sessions, please fill out our membership form.

Follow Along With Us While We Learn


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