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Each of our monthly sessions host about 40 or more students.  Smaller First Timer Scratch Sessions were hosted with between 10-15 students attending.  Our dojo has its own TriValley CoderDojo Scratch studio where our members share their Scratch projects.  Members share their projects from the monthly sessions as well as creations they make independently on their own at home.  Our mentors also add some other games from Scratch website galleries based on what is being taught in a session to help our members learn new techniques and inspire our members to greater creative heights!   Check out our studio and see their inventive creations!  Below we feature just one of the many projects our members have created from the different sessions. Click on the links provided to play!  No software or user account is needed to play online!

First Timer Scratch Sessions

As TriV member skill levels improve, the content of monthly sessions increases in complexity creating a need for separate sessions for users completely new to learn programming in Scratch.  These sessions are held between monthly sessions according to availability of resources and students.  TriV’s initial First Time Scratch sessions were held after the October session.  New users to Scratch learn familiarity with the Scratch interface, programming blocks, and basic programming constructs such as conditional statements, loops, and variables while creating a fun game.  TriV Scratch user drwho10 created his Catch The Tennis Ball game with robot catcher and multiple tennis balls while keeping score after following TriV’s First Timer Scratch presentation.


October 2013 Session

The October session was a milestone for TriV as this session was it’s very first session!  The presentation focused on helping members learn to maneuver Scratchy the Cat, the default Scratch character (called a sprite) by programming Scratchy to double jump and emulate the effects of gravity by accelerating falling speed and counting the number of jumps.  The majority of users were completely new to Scratch programming and so we do not have a youth TriV member that has chosen to upload any modified games yet.  The Double Jump Demo by presenter Al Sweigert can be viewed until then.


November 2013 Session

The November session project was to create a maze game helping members learn.  TriV Scratch user nkpie created Strawberry’s Maze Game  and added customized enhancements featuring a cute penguin with an artfully coordinated pink theme and fruit that the penguin can eat to help it grow or shrink in navigating the maze to avoid the bat obstacles.


December 2013 Session

TriV’s December session focused on creating a Pong-like block breaker game where an object is deflected with a paddle to eliminate rows of objects in the upper portion of the play screen.  TriV Scratch user 23Phoenix created this modified version of the session game called Minecraft Ping-Pong game.  Minecraft fans will appreciate this game where Steve throws a Creeper head at Minecraft chests.  Steve has a game life of three hearts and loses half a heart each time he fails to catch the returning creeper head and receives a diamond if he wins the game.

blog feature minecraft ping pong pic

Scratch Hackathon December 14, 2013

TriValley CoderDojo held a Scratch Hackathon as its participation in Computer Science Education Week, December 9-15, 2013, where kids all over the globe were encouraged to explore computer science and programming in particular with a movement championed by to motivate millions of kids to do just one “Hour of Code” during CS Ed Week.  TriV offered a three-hour session to its members to engage in Scratch programming at all experience levels with several pre-made tutorials or opportunities to create programs of their own invention.  One attending TriV Scratch user, Tanvi11, created her own game based on the Double Jump Demo (first written about in the October 2013 Session above) called Take Down The Mistletoe! with a holiday twist.  In this game, the player must help Scratchy the Cat take down the mistletoe within 60 seconds or face kissing the ugly Crazy Czy Cat.  Care to take the challenge?

blog feature hackathon take down the mistletoe

January 2014 Session

Our first session of the new year started off with a challenging space game!  Al Sweigart led members through a rocket orb game where students had the opportunity to draw their own rocket spaceship with a crazy navigation system.  The rocketship has to catch zero gravity penguins while avoiding space imps.  Students developed their drawing skills with Scratch’s pain tool and learned to create a game with multiple key controls.  TriV Scratch user Tanvi11, one of our more active programmers, added a dangerous surprise for her space adventurer in her Robot game.  Just when the player thinks he’s got the hang of things — watch out!

tanvi11 rocket orb

February 2014 Session

TriV’s February session introduced members to the concept of data structures in computer science.  Presenter Bob Freitas led members through a presentation that explained some basic types of data structures and focused on data lists, specifically last-in-first-out or LIFO stacks, for the session’s Scratch project to create a Scratchy Etch-A-Sketch game.  Members were than challenged to create their own version of the game using data lists.  TriV Scratch user Maxers did one better with his Etch-A-Sketch version that added enhanced features including his own custom pixel art for the sprite and the ability for the player to change speed, reverse direction, and erase using the mouse!

maxers data structure


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