our team

Alex Dub Lib

ALEX FREITAS – Co-founder, presenter, and mentor for TriValley CoderDojo, Alex is the impetus behind TriV’s start.  Always enthusiastic and willing to help, Alex’s energy keeps TriV going.  An avid programmer who seeks to continually broaden his programming knowledge, he is an inspiration to our members.  Alex also serves as the webmaster for the Del Arroyo 4-H club and leads and teaches a computer programming Scratch project there.  In his spare time, he writes his own blog called Literary Twitter.

Al Sweigart

AL SWEIGART – Al is a lead presenter and mentor at TriValley CoderDojo and has lead our monthly sessions since our opening in October 2013.  Al has extensive experience in teaching Scratch and Python and has written books on these topics and created Scratch and Python websites where he freely shares his knowledge with creative and entertaining books, games and online video tutorials.  His books can be downloaded from his website or found on Amazon.  Al’s books and websites can also be found on our blog’s Resources page.

Bob Freitas

BOB FREITAS – Bob volunteers as both a mentor and collaborator supporting TriV sessions and contributing to presentation materials. A software engineer by profession, Bob helps TriV develop plans to help engage our student members and develop their skills towards continually more complex computer programming concepts.  Bob also provides technical support during sessions to ensure everything runs smoothly.  His support is invaluable to our dojo.


Most of all we’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to the group of parents and professionals who volunteer to help mentor and help with the logistics of running our sessions.  They make it possible to offer these opportunities to each and every one of the kids who attend our free sessions.


If you would like to volunteer as a presenter, technical mentor, or organizer, or if you are already actively participating in TriV and would like to be profiled on this page as a key contributor, please contact us at trivalleycoderdojo@gmail.com.


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