Sessions and Schedule

TriValley CoderDojo TriValley CoderDojo is a part of the larger CoderDojo global movement for free and open learning, especially in programming technologies.  Our club serves youth ages 5-17 years of age in general, though some topics may have age restrictions appropriate to the topic.   TriValley CoderDojo, or TriV for short, is based in Dublin/Pleasanton area but open to youth in the surrounding TriValley area and beyond. We also host other events of interest in related areas as opportunities arise.  Prior programming experience is not necessary.  We have activities for those entirely new to programming as well as more experienced coders.  Each participant needs to bring his/her own laptop.  Some topics require software installation, so for those topics, a laptop like a chrome book is not sufficient.  If you do not own a laptop or cannot borrow one for the session, please contact us.

All our sessions start at 6:00 pm and end at 8:30 pm.  We offer multiple topics for kids to engage in during the session.  Kids can choose to try out different topics each session or continue to work on topics that they would like to develop further in.  Sessions are free, but tickets are required due to limited capacity.  In order to receive notices and attend events as participants or volunteers, individuals/families need to create an account in our registration system.  To create an account, click here.  Attendees must have a parent or parent-authorized adult present during the sessions who is responsible for the attendee(s).  TriV is not a drop-off program. Our goal in providing free learning opportunities is also to create a community in which both parents and youth get to know one another and share experiences.

Currently, we hold weekly sessions, each week at a different site year around:

  • First Wednesdays of the month are co-hosted by the City of Dublin and the Dublin Library in the library’s Community Room,
  • Second Wednesdays of the month are hosted at Oracle in Pleasanton, 
  • Third Wednesdays of the month are hosted at CallidusCloud in Dublin,
  • Fourth Wednesdays of the month are hosted by Veeva Systems in Pleasanton,
  • Fifth Wednesdays of the month are hosted by Workday in Pleasanton (for months that have five Wednesdays)

We’ve covered a mix of topics that vary depending on the mentors that have volunteered to help out.  Topics that we have had are listed below.  Items in blue are topics that are usually available regularly at our sessions.

  • Scratch
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Python
  • Java
  • Cybersecurity
  • Microbits – microcontroller board with block programming like Scratch
  • App Inventor – Android app development with block programming
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Makey Makey
  • Coffescript (a simplified version of Javascript)
  • Mobile development with C#
  • Finch robots – multiple programming languages
  • Unity 3D game development
  • Tessel Microcontrollers
  • App Prototype Development (with Invision & Inkscape)
  • C++
  • Minecraft ComputerCraft with Lua programming
  • GameMaker
  • Mobile app development (including App Inventor, app prototyping, Android)
  • Kojo (Scala)
  • Microcontroller programming (useful in IoT, home automation, and robotics)
  • 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/Modeling
  • Minecraft mod development
  • IBM BlueMix Cloud Platform development (Node.JS, Node Red and more)
  • Github usage basics (Github is an online code repository for sharing code and collaborating)
  • Build-A-PC Demo
  • Art & Design with Canva
  • Spark and virtual reality glasses

In addition to the technical skills kids gain at TriV, we also encourage kids to connect with other kids through sharing and mentoring and become comfortable with public speaking through our lightning talks (short informal presentations) at the end of the sessions, all in a no pressure, fun atmosphere.

Sharing knowledge is a passion at our dojo. Our motivated presenters and mentors generously volunteer their time and experience with hundreds of learners enabling them to make their imagination a reality.  We could not do what we do without them! If you would like to join our dojo to have your kids participate or become a volunteer to help plan, mentor, or present, please join our dojo or email us below.  We’ll be glad to have you! If you would like to help us and spread the word about our dojo, you can share this blog or donate to our club.



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