What If Learning Code Started In An Agile Environment?

TriValley CoderDojo Serves As Agile Model In Education

What does the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry and a youth technology and leadership club have in common besides STEAM…the need for a different perspective in how the next generation of STEAM talent is educated.

Founding partner, Valerie Freitas, met guest speaker Michael Combest at an Agile event and invited him to visit a TriValley CoderDojo session out of their common interest in education.  This article is the eventual result of that first visit and subsequent observations Michael Combest has made since.

TriValley CoderDojo is proud of its members and what we as a community have created!  This article enables others to understand our club’s approach in another way and how it relates to helping youth prepare for roles in their future careers and the development of important life skills essential for any role.  For those who are in industry and already understand Agile methodology, this article provides a way to explain to industry professionals what we do in a way they already understand.

Agile is not just a methodology applied to software development.  The values and the principles laid out in the Agile Manifesto can be applied to any industry and enables organizations to change quickly to meet changing internal and external factors.


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