Goodbye Solorios! We’ll Miss You!


Solorio Family Becomes Integral Part of TriV Community In Short Time

Written by: Kristin Goedert & Valerie Freitas; Photos: Kristin Goedert & Tina Joe

We are very sad to share that some important members of TriValley CoderDojo are moving on to new pastures in another part of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Alfredo, Caleb and Noah have been an important part of our group in just 8 short months. Alfredo lead room set up and break down for the club’s weekly sessions and he was also helping to organize our Hackathon event committee. Alfredo was an integral part of our planning team. Caleb and Noah mentored their peers in Scratch and CodeMonkey. Even at their young ages, Caleb and Noah often took on the responsibility of mentoring when there were no other mentors available providing essential help at our sessions when we were short on volunteers.  Noah is our club’s youngest mentor at age 8 and completed all 200 levels of CodeMonkey! This is the highest achievement in our club for that topic, surpassing even the adult mentors.  Caleb studiously participated at many programming topics, but settled with his love of Scratch inspiring younger Scratch coders with his exceedingly complex programming skills and impressive art.  You can view some of Caleb’s Scratch programs by following his user name at Creeperzg.

The Solorios attended every Wednesday session and the Livermore Thursday monthly sessions as well and cheerfully and readily offered help where ever needed.  Most importantly though, their sharing and support helped everyone feel comfortable and made every event fun!  We will really miss them as they are such valued members of our TriV family!


We were lucky enough to be able to spend one last evening with them and enjoy some cake.

We asked Caleb and Noah a few questions about their time with us.



What is your favorite part of CoderDojo?
Presenting is my favorite part, because you can talk about anything you want.

How has being a part of Coder Dojo helped you?
CoderDojo has helped me learn logic, and that I can do anything.

 What do you want to do when you grow up, and will do you think you will integrate coding into it?
I want to be an artist. I don’t usually integrate my art into my coding, but I did recently code a pixel animation of a Pokemon being drawn and colored in.




What is your favorite part of CoderDojo?
Seeing friends!

How has being a part of Coder Dojo helped you?
CoderDojo has helped me learn CodeMonkey.

 What do you want to do when you grow up, and will do you think you will integrate coding into it?
I want to be a lawyer or a scientist who clones things. I think I will use the logic that I learn in coding for these jobs.

We are sad to see them go but know that their future brings great things. They do plan to join a CoderDojo in their new home, and maybe even start one if there isn’t one nearby. Plus they have promised to come back to visit!


A few final words from the family
“Thank you to Valerie for creating the club, and to all of the mentors and volunteers- without you there would be no club and I am thankful for you all!” -Alfredo

“Thank you to Valerie for letting me do multiple presentations- it helps me with talking, and learning Scratch. Also thank you to everyone who says “Good job!” after a presentation- it means a lot! And finally, a shout out to K.P.” – Caleb

“Hi People and bye people!” -Noah

TriV send off included farewell cake and card signed by all of their dojo friends.






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