Tri Valley Coderdojo’s 100th Session


sanjana badami

Written by Sanjana

Hello, I’m Sanjana, I am 10 years old, and I’m the new youth blog writer for TriValley CoderDojo!  It gives me immense pleasure to write about the 100th session of Triv Coderdojo.

Wow! Already? Well yes, the time came. Tri Valley Coderdojo’s 100th session had just passed by. Not just any session. 100 sessions in 3 years. On September 14th, 2016, we had many coders, mentors, and parents come to this TriV event, so that we can celebrate the 100th session as a memory together. All these years, we coders have been coding and coding for this day to come. Now this day was a far more major session for us. 

Enjoy great moments from the session .

Wow! What a turn out of people! We had more than 100 people come! When we have more people, we have more……….PIZZA!!! And of course, other types of food too. Every TriV session had started off with coding, food, coding, and food. We had fruit, cookies, veggies and crackers. But this time, it was special. We had: Chocolate and Vanilla Cake! Lots of food!

Coders also interacted with each other to make coding better for them. They did lightning talks, so they can show their creativity and hard work. This shows their talent and would be probably remembered by every one of us.

To make this day fantastic, the TriV staff had organized a raffle. We had nice prizes, like books, bags, and balls. Lots of kids won the prizes in raffle.

A big thank you to Valerie and Team for making this session a success.

What an amazing session !!!

Click here for more pictures from our 100th session!


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