Diving into Web Development

sanjana badami

Written by Sanjana

Hello, I’m Sanjana, I am 10 years old, and I’m the new youth blog writer for TriValley CoderDojo!  This is my first blog post. I’ve been a TriV member for a year this month!   I’ve tried some of the other computer programming topics at our dojo sessions, but for the last six months,I’ve been working on learning web development.

What I like about Web Development is that I can make anything that I want in it. I love that I can show my CREATIVITY, IDEAS, and HARD WORK . Mentors in Coderdojo are very kind, patient, and friendly because they answer all our questions. Sometimes I get zoned in coding, I feel that I am in a whole different world!  Most of all, it’s so much fun!!!

This article will introduce you to the web development table at TriV Coderdojo sessions where I’ll talk and interact with some of my fellow coders there. I love that I can create anything that I want in Web Development. Kids here at the Coderdojo have made some AMAZING creations, using HTML and CSS. As they are learning and building up some knowledge in coding, they are also very interested in Web Dev.  Learning tools that kids are frequently using are Free Code Camp and Codecademy. I like the way that each coding website gives instructions for each lesson, so I can learn better. These are great tools to start children in web development. If you know the basics and some coding, you are ready to start Web Development. Here are some pictures and interviews taken of Web Dev. 

As you can see, Web Dev takes time to master. It takes hard work to make a creative website. On the positive side,  just like Yash said,” The possibilities don’t end.” If you are new, no problem!  Quynh-Anh just started Free Code Camp and she tried something new, and eventually she liked it. We also have Anwesha, who is writing a tourist guide about Singapore on Codecademy.

Web Development is a great start to coding a website. There are so many different things you can do. But, when it comes to CSS, you will love it!  You can style your website, like with images. Web Development can also help increase your typing skills. Once you start Web Development, it’s a hard time to stop. But in that time, EMBRACE your CREATIVE thoughts and TYPE on!

Hopefully, in the future, we will get more eager coders for Web Development. Then they will figure the difference about other coding and Web Dev, and find the UNIQUENESS of it. So the coders out there, go for Web Development!!!