What Are Fifth Wednesdays?

download5th Wednesday Workday

TriV started off with only one monthly session at the Dublin Library, growing a host at a time, each host adding another Wednesday session to TriV’s meetings.  There are only four Wednesdays a month, right?  Most of the time..however, there are a few months that have an additional fifth Wednesday, and on that fifth Wednesday, Workday steps up as our host for the evening.

Besides the rare 5th Wednesday, Workday sessions have another special significance — the Workday grant.  For 25 employee volunteer hours at the event, Workday awards TriV a much needed contribution to our club.

Our first session at Workday was a packed house full of eager participants and one of our youth mentors filmed the event, titled “What Is It Like At CoderDojo?” Our May event was also well attended with multiple programming topics and additional bleacher seating enjoyed by both parents and participants.

workday 1

As usual, we had our club lightning talks near the end of the session.  Lightning talks are brief presentations kids can give to share what they have been working on during the session.  We had many great speakers.  Connor and Amit were a great team reviewing the club rules at the start of the session.  While at the end of the session, we had several presenters from Ethan Reid, one of our high school youth mentors, who gave a special presentation to demonstrate his augmented reality app to our youngest coder who received some additional help reaching the podium table to do his presentation!  We also had an enthusiastic audience with members moving to the front of the room to get a better view.

workday presenters

workday little presenter

workday front row

We want to thank Workday for hosting and sponsoring TriV and a big THANK YOU to all the Workday employees who volunteered their time at the event, with a special thank you to Umesh Nair, our Workday point of contact without whom this event wouldn’t have happened.  We’re looking forward to our next 5th Wednesday Workday on June 29th!


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