The New Veeva – Bigger AND Better!

veeva bldg

TriV Sessions at The New Veeva Building

With it’s large glossy entrance and new spacious building, Veeva can’t be missed at its new location on Hacienda Drive in Pleasanton.  The prominent orange V is reminiscent of a superhero’s logo.  Veeva is certainly a super hero to TriV and all the kids Veeva helps to support in providing more kids the opportunity to gain literacy in today’s programming technologies.

A year ago, TriV kicked off it’s first session at Veeva’s previous location on Chabot Drive with a Halloween Coding Bash.  Since then, we had been holding sessions at this location in its employee lounge, which seated about 30 youth participants plus accompanying parents.


prev veeva

We’ve enjoyed the year of monthly sessions in this cozy space, but we had longer wait lists due to the more limited seating capacity.  Veeva’s new building is now TriV’s largest venue seating over 90 youth participants and attending parents, allowing us to reach out to three times as many kids!

2015-10-14 19.50.03

This month TriV held its second session at the new location and the place was packed with the energetic activity of engaged kids.  Veeva generously provided an added treat at the session by providing dinner for all attendees — a delicious meal of cheesy, baked ziti pasta, healthy green salad, and loaves of fresh garlic bread!  There was an abundance of good food and good company enjoyed by all.

veeva 2

Many thanks to Veeva and the many Veeva volunteers who helped, especially all the hard working cooking staff including Bee and Astro who worked tirelessly that evening!  Dinner was incredibly filling and satisfying and we had many hungry coders who indulged happily.  We look forward to more sessions and helping more kids find the joy of building their own creations and seeing their ideas come to fruition.  If you’re not already on our notification list, create an account to be notified of future events at Veeva and our other venues.




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