TriV Debuts New System for Members

poweredby-4dNew System Simplifies Event Notification and Registration

Thanks to the generosity of sister dojo, Silicon Valley CoderDojo, and one of its lead organizers and system developer, David Beaver, TriV members can now enjoy a new event notification and registration system that is tremendously easier to use than the previous cadre of free tools that the club utilized: an inter-linked mix of a Mail Chimp database, google group emails, google forms, and Eventbrite.  Shout out to David — thanks a million!    The new system was first initiated with registration for TriV’s September 2nd event.

The new system, based on a 4D database, enables mentors, volunteers, and parents (signing up their kids) to sign up for events with one click of a button.  Members can also cancel or edit their event registration information at any time by visiting their account profile and they can manage everything they need for their family in their family account.  The new system provides many new powerful management and notification features and eliminates the repetitive entry of information inherent in the old system and process.  TriV now also tweets whenever signups are available for the next event, just follow us on Twitter @trivcoderdojo, #trivcoderdojo.  If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, or local to the East Bay, and you would like to be notified of TriV events, just create an account.


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