Minecraft Modding Still Popular

MinecraftMinecraft Modding Resources

Despite being bought by Microsoft, Minecraft’s popularity is still strong and interest in modifying or “modding” this game still high.  Modding involves either making small changes to the original source code of Minecraft on the client or player side (some call this “jar hacking”) or creating small programs that are added to it to enhance or add additional features not found in the original game.  Minecraft Plug-ins are modifications of sorts to the Minecraft server software that enables all clients connecting to that server access to the additional features.

TriV has offered various programming activities in this area including TriV’s jar hacking session and mod tutorials, Minecraft EDU trials, and ComputerCraft sessions.  ComputerCraft is a mod to Minecraft that enables kids to code in the Lua programming language while playing in-game.  We also have a couple of Minecraft modding books and links to Minecraft jar-hackingmod, and plug-in tutorials listed on our github and resources web pages.  The Minecraft mod and plug-in tutorials were written by our very own TriV mentor, Bob Freitas, on his Lopaka Logic blog.

Youth Digital is a company that offers Minecraft related courses online including modding and how to set up a Minecraft server.

In the Bay Area, another youth tech organization, Devoxx-4-Kids based in San Jose, offers various activities including Minecraft Modding workshops led by Arun and Aditya Gupta who has also written a book on the topic.



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