Our First TriV Pizza Party!

No Electronics, Just All You Can Eat Pizza And Good Company

Aug. 12, 2015: The second Wednesday of each month is usually our session at Veeva Systems in Pleasanton.  Our host is moving into a new building this month, so in lieu of our usual session, we organized a pizza party instead!pizza adults

We had a great time at a local pizza parlor in Pleasanton which runs an all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza, salad, and drinks for only $6.99 for adults and $4.99 for kids — a great bargain!  There was an area where just the kids could hang out and additional seating for the adults to enjoy pleasant conversation.

pizza kids


This party was not for coding, no electronics please, just a relaxing time getting to know other club members, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any challenges…

We had an ice breaker game for kids and adults to get the conversations started.  Our ice breaker was a combination of bingo and scavenger hunt.  We had a sheet of numbered blanks.  Each number corresponded to a fun fact clue about a person in attendance.  The challenge was to find the person that matched each fun fact and have them sign the corresponding blank on your sheet of paper.  When you had the entire sheet completed, you entered your name in for a prize raffle.

Both our kids and adults had tremendous fun playing the game and learning surprising things about each other at the same time.  We look forward to having another pizza party in the future!


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