Halloween Coding Bash @Veevasystems

Happy Halloween! Costumed Coders @Veevasystems

TriValley CoderDojo members of all ages had fun October 30, 2014 at Veeva Systems for our Halloween party where we celebrated the holiday and our club volunteers.

Veeva generously provided the facility, pizza, drinks, and prizes and members brought the Halloween treats, fun, and festive enthusiasm!  Kids chose the activities this session which included Scratch, Unity 3D, and Minecraft modding.

veeva logo

halloween blog 1

Beat the Parent Programming Challenge

An added session activity was a short programming quiz where kids were challenged to beat the parent.  Parents and kids gave the quiz a shot and won a large candy bar just for trying.  No prior knowledge necessary.  It’s just for fun!  Kids did great and some even bested their parents!  The highest score to beat was three incorrect answers.  Monk Brother Bob then reviewed the quiz with them and the kids got to learn a lot about Java.

halloween blog 2

Everyone A Winner!

Every kid coder attending received a Veeva USB memory stick and screen cleaning cloth, and TriV also held a costume contest for those that wished to participate.  We had 15 participants!  The top 5 winners won a Veeva mobile battery charger pack.

veeva 2

Many thanks to Veeva Systems for hosting and providing the food!  We also appreciate our volunteers for the activities and the delicious sweets! Veeva has invited TriV back for more sessions so watch for more updates on future sessions!

Our Ghoulish Gallery

halloween blog 3

halloween blog 4

halloween blog 5halloween blog 7




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