Alameda County Apps Challenge 2014

acappschallenge largeCoding for County and Community

Guest speakers, Ram Gurumurthy and Byron Fisher, from Alameda County’s Information Technology Department will speak about the upcoming Alameda County Apps Challenge 2014 at TriV’s next monthly session on April 2, 2014.

The day-long AC Apps Challenge event will be held on May 3, 2014 at Dublin High School.  This event will be the County’s third public hackathon, in which local residents will be challenged to create apps using County public records. Those who create or conceptualize the best/most creative apps will be eligible to win prize money!  Interested attendees can form a team, join a team, or come alone.  There is a role for everyone to contribute, whether promoter, developer, programmer, community member, activist, entrepreneur, marketer, and/or collaborator.

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At the Apps Challenge, Alameda County invites participation from residents of all skill levels and age groups: professional and novice developers, high school and college students, seniors, and residents with no technical background but a passion for civic engagement. Each team at the hackathon will include a mixture of coders and “idea” people working together to create functional apps or develop app concepts.  In planning the event, Alameda County is looking to forge partnerships with local education, business and government leaders to maximize outreach to programmers, students and members of the community.  You don’t have to be a resident to participate, but you do have to register as there is a maximum seating capacity, and there is a small registration fee.  A continental breakfast and lunch are included in the fee.  You can register here and access other event details and agenda and frequently asked questions.

Participants in the May 3rd event will have access to the nearly 100 data sets available through the Alameda County Data Sharing Initiative. The data covers a wide range of topics, including public safety data, a listing of Certified Green Businesses, public health data, maps of senior services and more.

Can Kids Make A Difference?  Sure!


Photo Credit: Castro Valley Patch

AC Apps 2012 hailed two Castro Valley teens, Castro Valley High junior Stephen Ou and senior Caleb Kim for their app, Alameda County Parks & Recreation (ACPR) Finder, as its second place winners.  ACPR Finder enables users to find parks according to features of interest to them such as playgrounds, hiking trails, tennis courts and other amenities.  These same two teens then went on to create the Alameda County (ALCO) Shuttle app the following year as County summer interns.  Alameda County hopes that ALCO Shuttle app will make the County’s shuttle services easier to use and encourage more commuters to use public transportation.

Kids can make a difference!  So, if your creative kid has ideas to contribute, sign up for AC Apps 2014!


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