Computer Science for Kids at Stanford Splash

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Kids Grades 7-12 Sample Stanford’s Campus

At Stanford Splash, kids in grades 7-12 get to take as many classes as they can sign up for during the two-day weekend of April 12-13, 2014 on Stanford’s beautiful campus for a flat fee of $40 which includes lunch.  Students get to preview Stanford’s campus and sample what taking classes on a college campus is like.  To further the experience, Stanford Splash encourages parents to take a back seat and allow their kids to complete their own enrollment and registration and navigate the campus themselves.  It’s their day to be independent and get a taste of the college experience.  Classes are offered in many subjects: mathematics and computer science; biological and medical science; writing, literature, and language; engineering, physical science, life skills, social science, visual and performing arts, and hobbies.  Stanford Splash takes place twice each year in the spring and fall.  Students register for courses during an initial class lottery phase where they mark their priority selections and back up interests.  At the end of this phase, courses are assigned by lottery, and students can take a second shot at any classes that remain open on a first-come-first-served basis.  The class lottery phase is from 9:00 am March 10 to 11:59 pm March 25.
The first-come-first-serve phase is from 9:00 am March 28 to 11:59 pm April 7.  It’s a great experience that is worth the trip!

This spring, there is a long list of computer-related classes to choose from:

  • Demystifying computers – learn about the parts, how they work, and the interaction between hardware and software
  • – Hour of Code tutorials
  • Functional programming with haskell
  • Basic introduction to computer programming with Python and Java
  • Intro to web apps with Ruby on Rails
  • Building iPhone apps
  • Learn mobile apps for iPad in 105 minutes
  • Cloud computing
  • Game of Life realizations
  • Intro to iOS programming
  • Intro to programming with python and arduino
  • Intro to machine learning with chocolate
  • Web design and trends
  • Intro to web design with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • How to make a video game
  • Scraping the web – collecting data from web sites for creating apps
  • Problem solving with computer algorithms

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