More Than Progamming at Workshop Weekend

Family Weekend Fun

Photo Credit: Workshop Weekend website

Photo Credit: Workshop Weekend website

Taking place this weekend, March 8-9, 2014, Workshop Weekend offers classes that appeal to both parents and kids in science, technology, engineering, computer programming, art, and more!  For a flat $40 admission fee, you can take as many classes as you can fill in the weekend, plus materials depending on the class you take.  Although each Workshop Weekend event varies in the classes offered, many popular classes get repeated at other events.  This weekend most classes are for ages thirteen and older, though there are a few classes that are open to kids as young as 8 or 10.

Below are just some of the programming and technology offerings this weekend included in their catalog:

    • HTML for Beginners,
    • Wearable Electronics,
    • Electroluminescent Wire,
    • Hard Drive Dissection,
    • Digital Music,
    • Arduino Programming,
    • “Internet of Things”,
    • Building an App,
    • Going from Idea to Product,
    • Learn to Solder,
    • Synthesized Vocal Music,
    • Building HTML5 Games,
    • Clojure Programming and more!

Don’t limit yourself to these, because their science and art activities are just as fun and you’ll want to round out your weekend to get the most out of this opportunity.  If you miss this weekend, sign up on their email list to be notified of other Workshop Weekend events.  The next one is in April with a whole weekend devoted to Arduino!


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