In Just Four Short Months…

triv four short months 2

In just four short months since our beginning in October 2013, TriV has

  • Registered 169 members and counting,
  • Held 7 programming sessions,
  • Participated in National Computer Science Education week with a 3 hour Scratch Hackathon,
  • Helped to coordinate the Hack The Future 10 event,
  • Helped 215 attendees experience the fun of using computer programming to create their own games and animations,
  • Hosted a total of 429 people,
  • Taught students from a diverse set of 19 cities from within the TriValley area and beyond,
  • Helped parents and local school students get involved in the community by volunteering to mentor at TriV sessions,
  • Taught attendees and mentors computer programming concepts of loops, variables, conditionals, event handling, sequential and parallel execution, and message passing all while building entertaining games in Scratch,
  • Established an online community forum and registration system,
  • Created an online presence through our zen coderdojo page, WordPress blog, twitter, google plus, and regional CoderDojo Bay Area Facebook page,
  • Created a TriValley CoderDojo Scratch Studio with 68 curators and 78 projects and growing, and
  • Created a TriV github repository for dojo resources.

Want to catch the wave and help us continue our momentum through the Year 2014?  You can join the TriValley CoderDojo and subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on what we’re doing!  Just enter your email address in the box on the right hand margin below our logo.

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