Computer Programming As A Second Language?

programming language

Image: created with Make Beliefs Comix

Should all kids learn to code? Many organizations are behind an effort to make this happen, while computer science programs in public schools are in decline.  Should computer programming be a core subject in schools?  Computer programming will be one of the languages of the 21st century.  Foreign languages are already required in US high schools and colleges.  With so many consumer goods becoming increasingly computerized and sophisticated, is some proficiency in these technologies any longer optional?  Should computer programming be required for all students?

Great Schools article, Hank Pellissier:  “The U.S. may be the birthplace of IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and umpteen other computer science-inspired giants, but in the past two decades we’ve fallen behind other countries when it comes to pumping out trained computer scientists. American universities still boast some of the best science and engineering graduate programs, yet many of those spots are filled by foreign students. “


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